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Unbelievable as seen on FUJI TV in Japan

Click here to view excerpt from Fuji TV six hour live New Years Eve Show!

"Unbelievable TV Show is one of the highest rated TV shows in Japan, now in its 11th season. More than 15 million people watch every show. We’re thrilled here that they chose the Geiser Grand for a special show on the ten most interesting spots on the planet! Director and crew arrived last night, joined by a translater/producer out of LA (only one stop from Tokyo to Baker City, Oregon!)

This is Director Nakayama’s second trip to the Geiser Grand Hotel. His first story, filmed 11 yrs ago, proved to be one of the most popular, making #1 on the “best of ten years” retrospective. When asked “why the Geiser Grand Hotel?” Nakayama said “it’s authentic, you feel the real history everywhere, and its so beautiful”. (He also raved about the ribeye steak).

Nakayama is intrigued by ghosts. He’s sought out ghosts all over the world for 13 years of filming. The Geiser Grand is the only place in which he has had a personal experience. The whole crew hopes to encounter more this week. A member of the TAPS family will join the crew tomorrow to help with the ghost hunt.

It’ll air in Japan within the next couple of months, and likely to be re-aired many times. You can view the movie here.

We’re working with Travel Oregon to offer a travel package to Japanese who are clearly intrigued by Oregon’s wild gold rush heritage. While the production budget is pretty minor economic impact, we hope that the power of TV/films to bring rich visual images to everyone will translate to increase heritage tourism here in Oregon. See the venue, available to the film industry, in a virtual tour here:

Email me barbara@geisergrand.com for more information on filming opportunities or to plan your own perfect getaway.

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